Michael Velling Sculptor


Bronze sculpture of Anacapri It's exciting for me as a sculptor, to feel a piece come alive as it is sculpted, capturing a moment in our busy world. People get it, and pass their joy, appreciation, and enthusiasm on as validation for the art of sculpture. Which is wonderful because it nurtures the desire to create.

My history in sculpture is reflected in numerous professional commissions, projects, competitions and study. It has taken me to many international sand sculpture events with Canadian, European, Asian, and Russian sculptors, returning with many medals. My education includes ongoing bronze and sculpture program at Pratt's School of Fine Art.

Sculpting began at the tender age of 6. I tried to "borrow" sand from the Atlantic City NJ beach in a bucket. Then, promptly being disciplined and told "no sand box for this boy". But little did they know!..as an adult, it grew into a world championship solo, doubles and team, several TV programs, teaching and professional sculpting. Both professional and personal travel around the world, have given me exposure to what the art of sculpting can be. A dentist by trade, creatively working with my hands is a given, so, ongoing studies and training in bronze since 1997 have lead to expression in a more permanent media. My wife Frances, a professional painter/artist and I live in the Pacific Northwest.